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Manage Your Practices All From One Software

It’s easy to oversee multiple locations with ABELDent practice management software. You’ll have everything you need to employ consistency in clinical and administrative functions, financial tracking and reporting. And, you’ll have the tools to protect all of your data, increase revenue and cut costs.


Uniformity across all your dental offices for administration efficiencies, staff training and update deployments will save you time and effort. Using one software for all your locations also helps you streamline internal IT efforts and maximize support resources.


All your team members can stay in the loop with schedules and patient records that are securely accessible from any of your locations. This flexibility also allows the option to book/treat a patient at any location. Patient engagement will increase when you offer them secure online access to their personal information and appointments.


Built-in security features put you in control of access to specific program functions and sensitive data. The software also records/reports on changes and helps keep patient information safe and private. A standardized and secure backup process for all your connected practices will give you peace of mind. Your data will be encrypted while in transport and when in cloud storage.

Measure Your Success

Tap into all of the data for each of your dental offices to measure individual and overall efficiency and optimize resources. Enterprise reporting capabilities enable multi-practice managers to produce customized, consolidated reports that inform wise decisions.

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