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Go Paperless With ABELDent Cloud Dental EHR Software

Electronic Dental Record Software is The Foundation of a Paperless Dental Practice.

Manage patient data

ABELDent’s dental EHR software makes it easy for your practice to go paperless. Complete, well organized electronic dental records improve the practice experience for patients and the entire dental team.

  • Easy Patient Record Integration

    ABELDent lets you create and maintain a single patient and provider record, eliminating the need for maintaining paper copies or duplicating records across your organization.

  • Dynamic Record Maintenance

    A cumulative historical chart is created with each patient visit to add more context for any future treatment planning

  • Easy Accessibility

    With all your files in one location in a dental EHR, you can easily access patient data to help provide the utmost care your patients deserve

  • Efficient Operations

    When multiple teams across your practice such as the administrative team, hygienists, and dentists spend less time hunting for data and more time serving patients, everyone wins.

  • Long Lasting Records

    Electronic charts are protected from wear and tear that is normally seen with physical papers and documents

  • Save Space, Time and Money

    Going paperless allows you to use the space in your dental practice on other items. Furthermore, when data is easily accessible you can save time and focus on treating more patients

Why suffocate under the sheer volume of paper files?

  • Don’t get buried under an ever-growing number of paper files
  • Reduce non-productive time managing paper – No need to pull, organize, transfer and refile patient charts
  • Preserve neatly organized records – Electronic charts are protected from wear and tear and information is where you expect to find it.
  • Protect patient records – Electronic records are protected against unauthorized access and tampering.
  • Save space – Space previously used to store paper charts can be freed up for more production use.
  • Reduce supply costs – Eliminate the cost of paper charts and reduce the cost of paper and ink.
Potential paperless cost savings
Our patients are thrilled with the paperless environment and the ease of having their insurance claims processed on the spot. And ABELDent handles dual/multiple insurance coverage making things even more convenient. Electronic insurance claims get paid quickly and our patients are happy to pay the balance owing at the end of their visit. This keeps our cash flow steady and virtually eliminates the need to deal with accounts receivable.


ABELDent is committed to delivering the industry’s best all-in-one practice management software for dentists. Whether you are purchasing an electronic dental records software for the first system for your practice or replacing an outdated system, it can be a challenging but our systematic evaluation process can guide you through the products and provide recommendations based on your specific needs.

Reach your practice management goals with ease. ABELDent offers all of the features and functionality your modern dental practice needs to work more efficiently and up to scale.

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