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ABELDent Freemium

Free Dental Software with Premium Options

ABELDent Freemium is a free version (no credit card required) of ABELDent’s highly rated premium dental software. It looks and feels identical to our premium software and is limited only by the performance constraints of Microsoft SQL Express, the free version of Microsoft SQL that it uses.

Who can Benefit from ABELDent Freemium?

  • Anyone that wants to evaluate ABELDent or learn dental software using the advanced ABELDent Mastery LMS (learning management system) included with ABELDent Freemium
  • Active Dental Practices that don’t exceed the limitations of Microsoft SQL Express
  • New dental practice start-ups
  • Dental hygiene practices
  • Administrators and instructors in dental-related education programs

* While ABELDent Freemium is available to you free of charge, telephone support, one-on-one training, ongoing software updates, data migration, and the premium options described below are chargeable at our regular rates. Free access to ABELDent Mastery LMS is limited to 90-days but can be renewed on a month to month basis free of charge by continuing to use it.

Clinical Charting

What if I Outgrow ABELDent Freemium?

As your practice grows and you need a larger system, upgrade to either of our premium versions listed below. The look and feel of both are identical to ABELDent Freemium for a smooth and effortless transition. Whichever upgrade path you choose, you will not need to relearn ABELDent.

  • ABELDent Local Plus - Offers higher performance for medium and large offices with the flexibility to add additional premium options described in the following section. Your live data resides on a local server in your practice, just as it does for ABELDent Freemium.
  • Live data is stored in the Microsoft Azure cloud for stronger security with automated backups for peace of mind and to eliminate the need for a local ABELDent database server. Otherwise, it is identical to ABELDent Local Plus.

Do you have multiple locations? You can use either or both platforms. The common user interface reduces training and the need to use different user interfaces to manage your business.


Want to benefit even more? Add the following practice-enhancing options:

Whether you use ABELDent Freemium, ABELDent Local Plus or ABELDent Cloud, you can add competitively priced optional practice enhancing services, including:

  • ABELDent R&A – Reporting and Analytics
    Maximizes practice success by helping you to make informed decisions.
  • ABELDent RMS - Reputation Management Service
    Automates and encourages positive Google and other online reviews to attract more patients.
  • ABELDent RBR - Remote Backup and Recovery
    Keeps downtime to an absolute minimum to mitigate damages from disasters such as ransomware, phishing, malware, fire, theft, water damage or other emergencies. Our patented process minimizes the risk of backing up the wrong data server in case of a server change.
  • ABELDent PCS - Patient Communication System
    A powerful patient communication system included with ABELDent Cloud and Local Plus, including features and benefits such as two-way texting, appointment confirmation, online forms and automated overdue hygiene appointment messaging . Please note that this feature is not available in ABELDent Freemium.
Patient Dashboard

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How to Get ABELDent Freemium?

To download Freemium, fill out and submit the form below. You will receive an email that contains a link that allows you to download the Freemium software. The download link will allow you to download Microsoft SQL Express as well as ABELDent freemium.