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License Transfer

ABELDent Software License Ownership Transfer

Selling or purchasing a practice that uses ABELDent? We're here to help!

ABEL welcomes new clients and supports the transfer of ABELDent software licenses from one owner to another. The following conditions must be met to be eligible for the ownership transfer of a software license:

  • ABEL must be notified of the change of software license ownership at least 2 weeks in advance of the license transfer date.
  • The Seller’s ABEL account balance must be paid in full before the license can be transferred. Please contact ABEL’s accounting department, 1-800-267-ABEL(2235) Ext 6, for a current account balance.
  • ABELDent software licenses cannot be sold on their own. ABEL licenses can only be sold by the owner as part of the sale of an entire practice.
  • All active pre-paid Software Maintenance agreements and Telephone Support plans must be assumed by the purchaser. If no active Software Maintenance agreement is in effect, the purchaser must subscribe to one before the license transfer can be fully completed.
  • Software License Agreement and Terms and Conditions must be reviewed and understood by the purchaser before signing the License Transfer agreement.
  • License Transfer Agreement must be completed and signed by both the seller and purchaser. Documents must be submitted to ABEL for processing.
  • Pay the license transfer fee which includes services for server software configuration changes required for the new owner and administrative license transfer processing.

Instructions and Agreements

Please follow the instructions and review/complete the agreement listed below. Submit your signed agreement to ABEL for processing.

Supporting Software Plans and Services

ABEL provides a number of web-based services and software support plans that the practice may have been using. New ABELDent License owners should review and subscribe to the following services to continue enjoying these value added benefits.