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ABELDent R&A – Reporting and Analytics

Dental practice reporting and analytics engineered for practice growth

Analyzing your dental practice's data is one of the most powerful ways for you to identify opportunities to improve your practice. ABELDent R&A makes it easy for you to measure your practice's performance and make data-driven decisions that improve patient care and increase your practice's bottom line.

Meaningful insights lead to powerful business decisions

Bridge the gap between data and decision making. ABELDent R&A visualizes your practice data using intuitive and interactive dashboards containing easy-to-understand charts and diagrams. See the big picture or drill down into the details. Cloud-based and highly secure, ABELDent R&A provides the information you need to grow your practice.

Dental analytics and KPIs for your practice

ABELDent R&A is connected to your ABELDent practice data. Easily get the information you need to achieve your practice goals. Answer questions like:

  • What is my collection-to-production ratio this period?
  • How many appointments did we have this period compared to last period?
  • Is my hygiene practice growing?
  • Is my active patient base growing?
  • Why do patients choose my practice?

See the big picture or drill down into the details

ABELDent R&A is interactive allowing you to explore your practice data to reveal important insights that are not so obvious through static reporting. You can view and compare data from a yearly level all the way down to a daily level. You can isolate individual providers or groups to focus on and compare performance. Need to see the actual details under the covers? No problem. ABELDent R&A reveals the transactional details including patient information under the aggregate metrics.

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Practice analytics you can rely on

ABELDent R&A works seamlessly with ABELDent Local, Local Plus and Cloud solutions. Because ABELDent is both the practice management software vendor and the reporting and analytics vendor – no one else can approach the level of access and understanding we have with ABELDent data and the unparalleled accuracy of our reporting.

Third-party reporting solutions cannot understand nuances of your ABELDent data, which is understandable since they did not create ABELDent. Misinterpretations of data may cause inaccurate analytics which can then mislead decision makers.

Turn data into opportunities for growth and improvement

ABELDent R&A can help you identify opportunities for growth and process improvement. Easily monitor your schedule downtime and hygiene re-appointment rates as well as production per hour or appointment. Is your hygiene practice running at capacity? Maybe it’s time to expand. Track referral sources and identify which ones are working and which are not.

Think you don’t need analytics? Think again.

Succeeding in today’s competitive dental practice market is challenging. You and your team need to be at the top of your game. Practice analytics have become an important tool for today’s dental practice to improve revenue streams, increase profitability, and enhance your patient experience. ABELDent R&A provides meaningful insights that help you make the right business decisions based on data.

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Save Time and Increase Efficiency

Managing your practice by sweating over multiple practice management report printouts along with a calculator and spreadsheet is not the best way to get ahead of the competition. ABELDent R&A automatically does the work of the many staff that would otherwise be required to collect and collate relevant data into meaningful information for business managers. Everything you need to know is instantly accessible and compiled into easily understood reports and dashboards that help you and your team improve patient care and stay on-track toward your growth goals.

Motivate your team and achieve goals

Tracking progress and achieving goals is critical to management and helps build team solidarity and staff satisfaction. ABELDent R&A makes it easy for management and staff to track progress towards goals and strive to exceed objectives.

Motivate your team
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Create your own reports

Need a list of patients with certain criteria? No problem. With access to hundreds of ABELDent data elements you can create and save your own reports.

Custom reporting

Need a special report but need help creating it? ABEL will design and build reports based on your requirements and save them in your ABELDent R&A environment for you to access anytime. Regular hourly rates apply.

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