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"We are very happy with our upgrade to ABELDent. I would like to acknowledge Glenn in Sales who worked with us and Harjot (Harry) who was kind enough to provide us with support during the upgrade on a Saturday morning. Thank you from all of us."

Francois Dang, Coliseum Dental

"In my experience, ABELDent dental practice management software is the best choice and I’ve been using it since 1986. Technology has certainly progressed over the years but ABEL continues to stand out when it comes to training and their support analysts are always happy to guide me through changes and software updates.

Today, I operate my own dental hygiene practice and ABELDent is my receptionist and my office manager! The software saves me time by making paperless practice a snap – for example, when a dental office sends me x-rays I import them directly to the patient’s chart and then cast the patient’s x-rays on any monitor in my dental hygiene office. Using ABELDent I can also keep track of all my probing and charting without using paper and I can cast the comparison pocket depths to a TV monitor in any one of my operatories and show the improvement in my patient’s periodontium.

On the management side of things, it is extremely easy to scan all patient records, insurance information, my referral slips and lists of medications into patient charts and to keep track of my accounts of insurance claims. Also, my patients like the professional looking receipts and dental insurance forms that ABELDent produces.

Needless to say, I definitely recommend ABELDent to other hygiene and dental practices."

Mary Susan MacPhail, RDH

"I own an IT company and have many customers that use ABEL’s dental and medical software. Recently three members of your Support Team helped me through a situation that required real troubleshooting skills and I want to give them the recognition they deserve!

Kudos go out to Miguel, Steve and Rosemary for working with me to get my customer back up and running. They were so incredibly helpful, patient and did not give up until the issue was resolved.

I am always happy with the technical assistance received when I call ABEL for support – your team is quite knowledgeable – and in this case, I can’t thank them enough."

Chris Hall, iionIT Network Solutions Inc.

"A quick note to let you know that Power BI is absolutely fantastic. It’s a real game changer and has completely transformed my view of what’s possible with ABEL. I use it literally every day and am so pleased to be able finally to generate the reports that I require quickly and efficiently."

Will Hinz, COO at Argyle Associates

"Last year our office server and ABELDent software were both at the point where we needed to update them. We knew that a few of our colleagues had suffered ransomware attacks so we wanted increased security features. ABELDent Cloud Server seemed like a good solution since it would give us the latest software and address our server and security needs.

Upgrading from a much older version of ABELDent and from a local server to a cloud server posed some challenges. Through this period, ABEL’s development and training team were very responsive. They always took the time to hear our concerns and provide solutions.

We are now in the process of implementing the improved patient workflow and plan to setup a patient check-in station that will also help with workflow. We also plan to implement other exciting features that were not available in our old ABELDent version.

The main feature that we would state to colleagues looking at upgrading to ABELDent Cloud Server is the security aspect of having the office data hosted by Microsoft in a secure cloud environment. This reduces the need for daily backup tapes and addresses the very real concern of malware attacks that could result in practice data being locked out."

Dr. Douglas Chan

"Our practice implemented ABELDent Cloud Solution (CS) in December 2018. We experienced a smooth launch and appreciate the fact that training was customized to meet our specific needs.

As first-time users, we find the program easy to navigate and when we do have a question the built-in Help often provides a quick answer. When we need further assistance our trainer Marica and/or the dental Support team take good care of us.

Colleagues told us that going with ABELDent was a good choice – now we understand why."

The team at Wallace Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

"All the great help I received from Marica, Louie and the rest of the ABELDent team shows me once again that I am dealing with a serious and professional team and company and reassured me that I have returned to a great product!

Many thanks and excited to work with you in the future!"

Manuela Barsan, DMD

"I wanted to extend my appreciation for the amazing support and work done by Kalpana. We had a challenge with certain reports and she understood our need to streamline and make a report for unsent claims. She was able to give me a report to work from while she investigates further options. Kalpana is a great team player and very approachable."

Cindy Biswanger, Office Manager, Crowsnest Dental

"Our ABELDent trainer Kimberley is absolutely the best and I love her to bits! Every member of our team is grateful for her depth of knowledge, her effective teaching style, as well as her patient and reassuring demeanour. With 2 locations, multiple associate dentists and some significant staff changes during our ABELDent integration, we had specific issues to tackle. Kimberley made herself available and never failed to come up with fantastic solutions for us. Kimberley's knowledge of the software is impressive. Her answers to specific questions about ABELDent features are clear and helpful. By also being able to share her vast knowledge on best practices for using the software features in real office flow, Kimberley has helped us quickly utilize the power of ABELDent to become a more efficient and organized team. Our staff is impressed and so are our patients. Kimberly's training and support was invaluable as we were starting up our new office. I honestly don't know how we could have done it without her!"

Tamara Finkelstein, DMD

"ABELDent is the only software program we've used in our office since 1996. We find it user friendly and easy to navigate and have no desire to change to another program. The ABELDent Customer Support team are efficient, prompt, courteous, and excellent when we need assistance. We highly recommend ABELDent."

Cheryl and Crystal from Dr. Leroy H. Simmons Dental Center

"I have to share my recent experience with your employee Kalpana. She is professional, knowledgeable and happy to share the process. She quickly and efficiently solved all three of my problems in a short period of time. She recognized that the features I wanted to change where affected by the fact that we did not have ABEL security enabled. Her knowledge of the product and her customer service are outstanding.

In a world where it is easy to find fault, we need to acknowledge outstanding performance when we find it. I look forward to working with Kalpana in the future."

Kendra Painter, Treatment Coordinator and Office Manager, Dr. Neil Shapera

"I am the office manager of a dental practice that is loyal to ABELDent. We have been customers for many years and I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation for Harry and his excellent customer service. Every time we call for support he is very helpful and informative.

I wanted to bring this to your attention as Harry always gives us a positive experience."

Dianne, Dentistry by Isaac Gabay

"We converted to ABELDent over four years ago. Louie from your support department helped our transfer. Back then he went over and beyond what was probably expected of him (to the point of reassuring our flustered admin team by talking us through deleted appointments, mixed up files, day end reports etc.). We were lucky.

Four years later, I find that we should say thank you again to Louie for guiding us through changes (RAMQ) effortlessly. Since we pride ourselves on great customer service, we felt we should commend Louie for his A+ work ethic."

Silva, Drummond Dental Group

"I have had the pleasure of speaking to Rosemary in your Dental support team on two occasions. Both times I was amazed by the depth of her knowledge and her wonderful attitude to help resolve a problem in less than a minute (something that I would have lost sleep over). I can not emphasize enough how happy I am after speaking with her. I am hoping that if I have to call for support again I will hear, 'This is Rosemary. How can I help you?"

Sam Goli, Tech Support, on behalf of Dr. Tarvida's office

"Thank you very much Scott for your assistance over the phone, you were very helpful. We are glad to be using ABELDent because it’s definitely the best software out there. I have worked front desk in many offices and know many people in the Dental field – I always recommend your software to non-ABEL users because it’s a smart way to manage any Dental Office."

Viviane, Administrative Assistant, Lawrence Park Dental

"I wanted to say thank you for sending us a wonderful trainer! Mary Beth was efficient, competent, kind and answered all of our questions. A number of my colleagues stopped me after she had left to say that they really enjoyed this session and found it to be informative. I appreciate the time and attention you all had put into to coordinating this and I am very pleased with the end result."

Heather Vieira, Regional Leader, Dawson Dental

"I was in contact with Brian to upgrade ABELDent and install the Portal and just wanted to tell you how wonderful he was. His customer service skills went above and beyond. Brian was extremely kind and very patient (no matter how frustrated I got). I greatly appreciated his service."

Shannon McRae, Secrétaire pour Dr. Brady, Clinique Dentaire Dr. Nagy Brady Inc.

"Kalpana is amazing, she solved our problem and gave us another hint. She is really terrific."

Glick Periodontics

"Every time we call dental support we hope Miguel is able to assist us. He is very helpful and cheery. It's almost like he is smiling through the phone. He also makes us feel that no question is a "dumb" question. He is very professional and kind to our staff that are not computer savvy. Please thank him for doing a great job for us."

Cindy Tradewell, Office Manager, London Road Dental

"ABELDent consistently meets our changing needs and helps us to do our jobs more efficiently. When I started using it in my practice, back in 1990, we had 2 computers. Today, we are a busy General and Orthodontic practice with 16 computers.

Real time savers for us are being able to access patient files right from the chair and having the ability to store before and after ortho images and x-rays in the patient’s file for quick retrieval/display. The data capacity, stability and security of the SQL platform is also a big plus. Another plus – ABELDent’s detailed financial reporting helped us get through a business audit successfully.

I always recommend ABELDent to my colleagues."

Dr. Ben Fong, Herongate Dental and Pro Bono Dental

"Our company has been working alongside ABELDent Inc. for nearly a decade in dental offices throughout Ontario... Technically, ABELDent is founded on outstanding infrastructure... They’re invested in making long lasting products that help their customers work better... The technicians we’ve worked with over the last few years have been gracious, knowledgeable and patient, even during times of crisis."

Bill Dungey, IT Manager, CTSIT

"ABELDent’s complimentary webinars have enhanced our potential to excel in our business. Now we spend more valuable time with our patients and offer exceptional customer service. Thank you so much for taking the time and creating these wonderful webinars."

Monica Sourour, Office Manager at MTL Dentistry

"The thing I love most about our ABELDent software is that it supports a seamless experience for our patients and a smooth workflow for our team.

Our patients are thrilled with the paperless environment and the ease of having their insurance claims processed on the spot. And ABELDent handles dual/multiple insurance coverage making things even more convenient. Electronic insurance claims get paid quickly and our patients are happy to pay the balance owing at the end of their visit. This keeps our cash flow steady and virtually eliminates the need to deal with accounts receivable.

Our team is very happy with the efficiency of electronic charts. All the information we require is quickly accessible and easy to update so we have more time to focus on the patients. For example, our hygienists really appreciate having ready access to recall intervals and available scaling units. Searching through paper charts, reading insurance documents and asking patients a lot of questions is a thing of the past in our office.

Keeping our large practice current and competitive is very important to us. 2 years ago, we upgraded to ABELDent SQL which gave us the benefits of more stability, security and performance. ABEL is a progressive company so we routinely attend the free customer education webinars to find out what’s new and learn how to best use the features. Going forward, we plan to implement more efficiency boosting tools including the Portal for patient communication and electronic appointment reminders.

As a very satisfied customer, I highly recommend ABELDent to other dental professionals."

Edie Boyd, Office Manager at Kulik Dental

"I called ABEL for help and spoke with a representative named Miguel. He was amazing! Do you understand me? Amazing! I just want to acknowledge the wonderful work that he did and how much he helped me."

Fabiola from Dentistry at Montréal General Hospital

"Just wanting everyone there to know how happy our patients are with the PORTAL reminders... we are now considered a cool dental office!

The feedback has been spectacular about the email and text reminders and the ease with which they can confirm appointments. Some patients have reported showing these messages to their friends and bragging about their "cool dental office"!! Yay for us!"

Kathy, CDA at Dr. K. Robert Lea's office

"Sending you all a note of thanks. Thanks Kel and Mary Anne for the time you invested in helping our first day run so smoothly and Doug for working hard to fix any software issues and Mary Beth for being so helpful and patient with the onsite training.

This is not the first time I have had to go through a conversion. I suppose, it’s not a bad thing because I have the first experience to compare with how it was today and I am happy to say how smoothly it went. It was definitely a much better and organized experience. I contacted ABEL out of frustration and it was a leap of faith that I decided to come back to ABELDent. Everything was promised to me and the promises were the same ones I have heard from vendors before that were undelivered. I am happy to say that you have achieved your promise and I will be more than happy to give you a formal endorsement.

Thanks again for all your efforts. It is reassuring to know that I have made the right choice and the staff agree as well."

Dr. Andre Tam

"The training in charting was very valuable and we gained some insight as to what the next steps in becoming paperless will be.

Another thing that really impressed us was your grasp of our Pacific Blue Cross issue... Now that you have shown us how to retract an insurance payment we will be able to still accept assignment, even though PBC will no longer send refund cheques. This is very important to our patients... Once again thank you for such a productive and pleasant training session!"

Carmen, Maureen, Patty, and Caylee at Dr. David Radatzke's office

“I wanted to extend my thanks to you for having someone like Harry on your team. He was knowledgeable, competent and available to help whenever I called him for assistance.

In preparation for our recent all-systems upgrade to Windows 8.1 Pro, Harry offered the right advise, then shipped us our new purchases of MS SQL Server 2012 with the latest ABELDent. Then he helped us through the migration. Being able to call and speak with him directly was a strong plus-point for your organization."

Felix Yong, VP, Alpine Dental Centre

"Really loving our new ABELDent system!!!

No one is pulling their hair out, no copious amounts of antacid are being consumed and everyone leaves on time at the end of the day!!!

I know there will still be times when our adventures in the program will take us to parts yet unknown and we'll need to call for help, but we feel confident that our new support team will lead us down the proper path quickly, efficiently and correctly.

We are so pleased we took the plunge with ABEL.”

Kathy, CDA at Dr. K. Robert Lea’s office

"Kimberley’s excellent training style contributed to my success in learning ABELDent. She also helped me master all operations necessary to run the front desk. Coming from a purely clinical background, incorporating this new knowledge was critical to my role in this office.

The ABELDent software supports my application of dental practice management concepts, which helps me to manage Dr. Al Jawad’s office most efficiently!

Our team is using ABELDent workflows for all administrative tasks and clinical charting and I have confidently recommended it to colleagues in other dental offices."

Mr. Farruhk Zaidi, Manager

"ABELDent is a very user-friendly software. Our office has been using it for many years. The tech staff have also been helpful throughout the years. We definitely recommend this software."

Nancy Nguyen, Golos Dental Centre

"Our clinic opened in May of 2018 and we chose ABELDent Cloud Server (CS) as our practice management system.

For some members of our team, using ABELDent was a new experience so we opted for hands-on training at the company’s main office in Burlington. The instructor, Stephanie, asked about our specific practice needs and showed us how to use the features and workflows to achieve our objectives. We did find the system easy to learn and use.

Reducing our impact on the environment is very important to us and we are happy that ABELDent CS supports us in running a paperless practice. It really has everything we need to manage our clinic.

Things are going smoothly and if we do have a question or need help, ABEL is always there to take our call."

The team at the SOAHAC Dental Clinic

"Our ABELDent training session was fantastic. Thanks for showing us all the features to help optimize our productivity!"

Lori Larwill, Golden Dental Centre

"We have been running the MDB (Microsoft Database) version of ABELDent for the past number of years. We have been using many of the aspects that are built into the software which helped us make the transition to a chartless or paperless charting office without having to purchase separate modules.

We recently upgraded to the SQL version of ABELDent and wish we would have done this years ago when recommended. The additional cost incurred to upgrade to this version was well worth it. The database runs much more efficiently making it quicker to access all information. We had to do the upgrade over the weekend and found the ABEL team willing to accommodate us and make it work. We had to move almost 700 GB of data to make the migration complete and the team made it possible considering it took over 16 hours just to move the data from the old server to the new one. We have several other offices that we will be upgrading from the MDB version to the SQL version soon. Thanks ABEL for making a product that truly meets all our dental needs."

Dennis Toth, IT Manager, Able Dental Group

"Just wanted to let you know that Nancy and I are happy with the new updates (ABELDent v 12.10). Predeterminations and payments are much easier to use. Yea!"

Deborah at Drs. Walton and Seon's office

"To our technology partners at ABEL,

Dr. Toh and I and our staff thank you for the excellent help in fixing the puzzling problem we had with EDI submissions to PBC. On September 16th, after you had elevated our call for help, Rosemary from Support was assigned to this matter. She cleverly called ABEL's trainer in BC, prior to calling me, in order to learn more about the problem. Although that did not give her a conclusive solution, she patiently worked with me to diagnose the problem. With her patience and attention, Rosemary finally provided the fix we needed!

Thank you Rosemary and thank you all for helping to make us happy ABELDent users."

Felix Yong and Dr. Sherry Toh, Alpine Dental Centre

"I had to call for assistance after I installed the ABELDent software as I could not print out the accounts receivable. The support from ABEL staff was fast and very satisfying. Thank you."

Angie Wright

"I was first introduced to the ABELDent program 3 years ago. Not knowing anything about it, I found ABELDent very easy to learn and the features fullfill our needs."

Kelly Dewer

"Some days we need support right away. It is nice to know help is just a phone call away. Keep up the good work ABEL."

Dennis Toth, IT Manager

“We started using ABELDent in June 2008 and I would like to say that the latest update contains some great new features that we use every day. We really like the hygiene billing feature - it saves our hygienists time and improves their accuracy. This is a very nice addition to the program.”

Dr. V. Shukla

"Love the support staff! They are very knowledgeable and honest, a great help and always pleasant."

Heather from Atlantic Dental

"Service is amazing, employees are patient and dedicated; they never fail to call back!"

Marieve Chabot from Dr. Eileen Margossian's office

"I have just started using this software in the last 6 months. I have found it very user friendly and the service, when I called, was excellent!"

Tracy Ivan from the office of Dr. Gregory Hutton

"Just wanted to let you know I just got off the phone with Rosemary in Dental Software support and she very quickly solved a problem that we have been dealing with for some time. Just speaking with her you could sense her competence and knowledge. Thanks Rosemary."

Stacey Walsh, Walsh Dentistry

"I've just started using ABEL since Oct '05 and I find it very user friendly. I am currently waiting for the new version so I can use some of the new features."

Janet Molson from the office of Dr. Christopher & Dr. Que Linh Banh

"We have been using the ABELDent computer program since June 6/05. We have been very pleased with all aspects of the transition from our old program to this one. The conversion staff went over in detail the information that we needed to have brought over from our old program.

I was also very pleased with the training our staff received. ABELDent was very willing to work with us to find the best option for training for us. All of our training was done online. We had several computers signed in to the training session as staff members watched and listened to the trainer and asked questions.

Going live was a scary thought, but everything went very smoothly. The data on the ABELDent program was converted and correct. Fielding questions for us during that first week was done in an efficient and timely manner by the support staff.

Due to time changes, our office is open different hours than the ABELDent office, but with the 24 hour support service offered by ABELDent we are still able to have support during these times.

The program itself contains all the features and functions that we will ever need. I highly recommend this program and company to any dental office searching for a new Dental program."

Elaine Riekman, Business Manager for Dr. Glenn Riekman

"I would like ABEL to know what great support these three support staff are. Not only are they great support staff but when the problem seems never ending, they do not give up on the problem. They never get frustrated with my lack of computer knowledge and always make me feel that there is no problem that can’t be solved. SUPPORT, SUPPORT, SUPPORT! When these ladies answer the support line, I know whatever problem I have will be handled professionally and quickly. The server computer for the office had hard drive problems, so when I installed the latest update, we encountered a few difficulties. I might add that the updates always go in smoothly and quickly, so this came as a surprise with the problems that I encountered. It has been approximately one and a half weeks that these ladies worked with me and the problems and they have now been solved. I had to write this letter to let you know what a great job they did and they are always positive and reassuring. As an Office Manager, I realize how hard it is to find good dedicated staff like these ladies are, and I wanted the management to be aware to the great staff they have."

Debbie Jackson, Office Manager for Dr. Gordon D. Huff Professional Corporation

"I have worked in the dental field for 20 years and ABELDent is by far the best dental package out there. I promote it to everyone I can."

Valerie from Scotia Dental Associates

"Dear Mr. Coward,
Thank you for providing ABELDent software and assistance free of charge to help Saskatchewan Blue Cross with our recent CDAnet implementation. ABEL has again demonstrated an impressive commitment to increasing the value of dental software to your clients and to the entire dental community."

Colin Wrishko, Manager, Claims and Provider Relations, Saskatchewan Blue Cross

"Thank you for arranging the training held in our office, on Wed. April 21/04, by your trainer Rob. It was a tremendous opportunity for our staff to train here in our office, on our computers, with Rob to instruct. He was very professional, informative, knowledgeable, thorough, helpful and especially patient. He made the staff feel at ease and offered many pointers on the use of the software. It was a very successful day."

Dr. Catherine Ashton

"I transferred my practice over to a colleague. I was very pleased with how ABEL helped with the transition. I have also been very pleased with the service I have received (since 1994) and with the excellent product that ABEL provides. Over the years, I have confidently recommended ABEL to many colleagues who were looking for clinical/practice management software. Thank you ABEL."

Dr. Anne Crowley

"Last week I had a troublesome upgrade from ABELDent 6.00B06 to DCG 7 P05, the first step in bringing our environment up to date. This upgrade ran into a problem early on, and what I expected to be an hours work turned into most of a day, with multiple calls to your support staff. I spoke to Steve, Lori, and Rosemary at various times through the day.

It has been several years since I had to deal with the ABELDent support team, and I was not looking forward to it. In my early years here I had some rather poor experiences. I am very pleased to tell you that the quality of the service you provide has improved dramatically over the years. Each of the three individuals I dealt with was head and shoulders above what I had come to expect. Each of them had both excellent technical knowledge, and the ‘Soft’ skills that are so vital to quality customer service. That’s particularly comforting to me, since I’ve got at least two more upgrades to go in the coming weeks.

I wanted to take the opportunity to thank you and your team for a job well done, and congratulate you on the improvements you’ve made."

Tony Heayn, Senior Network Administrator, Team Lead, e-Health, Baycrest

"The program is very easy to use and I hardly have to look for help. I can find what I need in the program but if need be the telephone support is very helpful. The program moves quickly and does pretty much everything I need."

Leila Campbell from Dr. E. Toth’s office

"We called ABEL in regards to our licensing and spoke with Scott, I just wanted to mention what a great help Scott was in helping us…he truly went above and beyond. It was a stressful situation and Scott was very patient and explained everything he was doing. We just want to say how grateful we are for his assistance and highly recommend him!"

Dr. R. Morin

"Rob is a great guy. We are so happy to have such a warm friendly 'ABELDenter' to work with. Your referral of Nancy to organize our Clinical Treatment Planning is a great gift."

Dr. Russ Grover & Team

"I receive great advice and help over the telephone when I call."

Sherri from Dr. Aron Burke's office

"I have used a few different programs. ABELDent is the only program where you operate completely from the Appointment Scheduler. There have been no errors - other than operator error in the past. When questions needed answering, it is always appreciated to have someone translate computer talk into practical applications at every level of comprehension. Thank you."

Theresa, Dental Assistant, Dr. S. Branig

“On Jan. 29, 2014, I called ABELDent in frantic need of help – our computer developed a corruption in the data base. I spoke with Scott and hence the reason I am writing this letter.

Scott was amazing! Not only did he efficiently and quickly fix the problem, he maintained a professional, friendly and calming manner while doing so! I so appreciated this during my stressful situation!

...I felt compelled to write to let you know how lucky I think you are to have such a valued and outstanding technical support employee working in your wonderful company. I am so grateful that Scott was there for me.”

Dr. Sementilli’s office

Thank you for your interest in ABELDent

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