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Features – ABELDent Cloud

What’s the difference between ABELDent Local Plus and ABELDent Cloud?

Whether you prefer a local solution or a cloud-based solution, ABELDent has the capabilities to help you protect your data, increase revenue and cut costs!

ABELDent Cloud

  • Software runs on local workstations or virtual desktops
  • Practice data stored on Microsoft Azure cloud servers
  • Regular automated backups are generated and stored on the cloud servers
  • Installation and update downloads are automated
  • Microsoft Azure cloud services are leveraged to provide the highest level of protection, security and reliability available
ABELDent Solutions Comparison

What's Different in Cloud Based Dental Software?

  • Practice data resides on cloud-based servers – no server to purchase or maintain
  • Microsoft Azure cloud services are leveraged to provide the highest level of protection, security and reliability available
  • Automated backups are securely stored on cloud servers
  • Installation and update downloads are automated

Benefits of Using a Cloud Dental Software

Save Time

Save Time and Worry Less

No need to plan for backups or be stressed about cyber-attacks. Your data is automatically protected, encrypted and backed up

Cloud Software

Save IT Expenses and Reduced Downtime

With the help of highly robust and secure Microsoft servers in the cloud you can significantly reduce downtime allowing to continue doing your day to day work


Take Advantage of Premium Services

ABELDent Cloud includes remote backup services and automated patient communication

Optimized System Configuration

Best of Both Worlds

ABELDent Cloud and your other essential applications run locally yet your practice data is fully protected in the cloud

User Interface & Features Overview

ABELDent Local Plus and ABELDent Cloud share the same features, data integrity measures and modern user interface. Both options bring ease of use and whole practice benefits to a new level.

Multiple Location Practices

Implement cloud or local server-based ABELDent according to the preference of each location. The common user-interface reduces training requirements and the need to manage two different interfaces.

Patient Manager

  • Track each patient's visit from pre-arrival to departure
  • Be aware of patient issues such as allergies, medications and medical issues
  • Track how long patients have been waiting
  • Prevent no-shows by reaching out via text

Patient Dashboard

Patient Dashboard
  • View a summary of the important information about a patient on one screen
  • Easy access to keep patient information up to date
  • Easy access to records for a patient's family members
  • Customize to view personal or clinical data on the most important ABELDent screens
  • Send and review Health History and other forms
  • Updating information for a patient automatically updates other family members

Personal and Clinical Sidebars

  • View important patient information without leave the screen you are on
  • Visible on all patient screens, Scheduler, Treatment Manager and Receivables Manager
  • Customize to focus on personal or clinical information in each area
  • Send forms and review submitted result

Managing a Patient’s Dental Insurance

  • Encourage patients to accept treatment
  • Store insurance information to assist patients
  • Calculate estimated coverage
  • Submit electronic claims and receive electronic responses
  • Submit planned treatment
  • Automate collection of patient portion

Treatment Manager

  • Make the most of your “million-dollar failing cabinet”
  • View outstanding treatment for all patients
  • Filter outstanding treatment by provide, period of time and other factors
  • Facilitate contact with patients to schedule treatment
  • View all patient and family scheduled appointments and unscheduled appointments
  • Send automated reminders for overdue hygiene appointments
  • Allow patients to self-book appointments


  • Enter completed treatment or drag planned treatment to bill it
  • Enter planned treatment and organize into phases and appointments
  • Create contacts to ensure that planned treatment is scheduled
  • View expected insurance and expected patient portion

Financial Ledger

Financial Ledger
  • View financial ledger in chronological or open item view
  • See aged outstanding amounts owing, post-dated payments and amounts expected from insurance at a glance
  • Create payment plans and charge plans in a few keystrokes
  • Post insurance, personal and bulk payments
  • Adjust expected insurance based on returned insurance information to collect patient portions more quickly
  • Protect the integrity of your financial records

Receivables Manager

  • Filter and display the money and patients and carriers owe at any point in time
  • Prioritize collections efforts using aging, carrier and other filters
  • Single step access to financial, contact and all other patient information
  • Record notes about collection efforts to ensure effective follow-up
  • Send messages to prompt online payment
  • Send Statements and Receipts to encourage patient payment

Charting and Perio Charting

Charting and Perio Charting
  • Delivers clinical and adminstrative synergies that are not possible with paper charts
  • Customize your charting workflows for simplified clinical data capture
  • Protects against billing errors through integrated billing and charting
  • Visually appealing odontogram and periodontal chart
  • Secure clinical notes with certification and built-in audit trails
  • Build detailed progress notes quickly and accurately from customizable notes templates
  • Supports voice controlled periodontal charting

Advanced Appointment Scheduling

Advanced Appointment Scheduling
  • The adminstrative hub for a busy dental practice
  • Single step access from an appointment to all of the major patient workflows
  • Flexible schedule- view a few columns for multiple days, multiple column for a few days or any combination of columns and days
  • Automatically tracks appointment history to help you identify patients that are chronically late, past no-shows or last-minute cancellations
  • Allow patients to self-book appointments with practice review and acceptable
  • Focus view on appointment type or appointment status
  • Find openings that meet specific appointment needs
  • View in privacy mode for high traffic areas of the practice

Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and Analytics
  • Track and measure practice performance in dozens of areas
  • Monitor practice growth, demographic trends and provider capacity and productivity
  • Check recall retention, compare production between two time periods, ensure that you meet collections targets and much more
  • Create your own reports using a powerful reporting tool and a simplified version of your practice data
  • Meet your reporting needs anywhere your imagination takes you

Patient Self-booking

  • Attract new patients from a button on your practice website
  • Allow new patients to select an appointment from a list of scheduler openings
  • Self-booked appointments are accepted by practice before being finalized
  • Send the new patient a Health History or New Patient onboarding form that they can complete before their visit
  • Your practice controls when new patient appointments can be scheduled.
This feature requires ABELDent’s Patient Communication System (PCS).

Secure Customer Forms

  • Save time during patient visits with online Health History forms
  • Review Health History forms and add provider notes to complete the record
  • Patient access forms online through a secure link sent to the patient
  • Patient access, complete and submit the form into their patient record
  • Submitted forms are stored in the patient’s record for review
  • Create custom Dental History, Consent and forms tailored to your practice needs
This feature requires ABELDent’s Patient Communication System (PCS).

Direct Capture Imaging

  • Capture digital radiographs directly into the ABELDent patient record
  • Automatically capture radiographs into pre-set templates
  • View and organize captured images
  • Apply filters to images
  • Capture intraoral images directly into ABELDent
  • Optionally integrate with most third-party imaging software

Integrated Electronic Services

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