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How ABELDent Is Different

ABELDent solutions deliver convenience, ease of use and enhanced productivity – all with a focus on patient care

How ABELDent is Different

With all the dental practice management systems available today, how do you decide on the best choice for you when they all appear to do the same things?

It starts with looking for "not what a solution does, but how it does it". Let's look at five key functions that separate ABELDent from other vendors:

  • Platform Choice
  • Workflow/System Navigation
  • Accounting Detail and Integrity
  • Recalls and Treatment Tracking
  • Reporting and Analytics

Platform Choice

Depending on your preference, choose either a local server solution or a cloud server solution. Both ABELDent platforms are full featured and offer complete protection of your valuable practice data.

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Local Server and Cloud Server Platform images

Workflow/System Navigation

The Appointment Scheduler acts as your administrative hub to perform all daily tasks and the Patient Manager tracks the entire patient visit from arrival to departure in real time. In both cases, easy to use workflows save your team the time and effort of searching.

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Accounting Detail and Integrity

The importance of how dental software tracks and displays financial entries is often not recognized until it’s too late. ABELDent accommodates all practice models, provides multiple viewing modes and makes payment entry/tracking, insurance processing and financial adjustments a snap.

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Dentist Looking At Accounting Screen

Recall and Treatment Tracking

With ABELDent, patients who have not yet scheduled for required treatment are never lost. The Treatment Manager identifies them, tracks your contact attempts and is integrated with the Appointment Scheduler for easy scheduling and reduced data entry.

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Reporting and Analytics

All dental practice management systems provide reporting to varying degrees but where ABELDent shines is in its depth and flexibility of reporting. Three types of reporting functions are available:

  1. Standard Reports – Daily production, financial and appointment status reports (although most reports can be run for any data range)
  2. Analytic Reports – Reports that focus on measuring operational efficiency and provide results in graphical form
  3. Custom Reports – ABELDent’s Report Generator builds custom reports by selecting the desired data files for searching, sorting and saving

In summary, you’ll be able to produce key performance indicators (KPIs) that can be compared to industry benchmarks to give you an objective view of how your practice is doing and where there may be opportunities for improvement.

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