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Have you seen the latest ABELDent software?

ABELDent Local+ and ABELDent Cloud include many benefits to help you grow and prosper.

  • Intuitive modern design that puts information where it matters most
  • Fully integrated, paperless clinical, patient and management features
  • Familiar navigation, workflows, and shortcuts for minimal learning curve
  • New features for everyone in your practice, including your patients
  • Up-to-date security and privacy features safeguard you practice
  • Frequent automatic updates deliver new and improved capabilities
  • Multi-location capabilities for those who need it now or as you grow

ABELDent's all in one seamless software with Premium Options helps you do more, more easily, and eliminates third-party data access risks.

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ABELDent’s all-in-one seamless software with Premium Options helps you do more, more easily, and eliminates third-party data access risks.

ABELDent PCS – Patient Communication System

  • A more feature rich and better integrated upgrade to ABELDent Portal
  • Communicate with patients how and when they prefer
  • Eliminate repetitive, time-consuming follow-up
  • Bring inactive patients back into your practice
  • Includes automated appointment reminders, two-way texting, online forms, overdue appointment reminders and more.

* Included with Cloud, optional with Local+

ABELDent R&A – Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and interactive analytics to measure your practice's performance, gain insights, and make data-driven decisions that improve patient care and increase your practice's bottom line.

  • Information at your fingertips via web or mobile app anywhere and anytime you want
  • Create your own reports or have us create them for you

ABELDent RMS – Reputation Management System

  • New patients use reviews to choose their dentist - ensure patients find your practice first
  • Reach out to patients automatically after appointments
  • Gather positive reviews and discourage negative reviews
  • Raise your Google rating

ABELDent RBS – Remote Backup Service

  • Protect your priceless practice data
  • Rapidly recover from malware and ransomware
  • Achieve peace of mind with secure storage of local images and dataincluding third-party program data.

Upgrade Promotion for ABELDent Users

Start your ABELDent Cloud or Local+ journey on the right foot

How the Promotion works

  • Provide your team with access to ABELDent LMS, our learning management system
  • Complete role-based training in advance of you upgrade date (approx. 2 hours per user)
  • ABEL will apply a credit of up to 60% of your upgrade cost
  • Your credit will apply the credit against your monthly subscription fees.

ABELDent Local+ or ABELDent Cloud? We can help you to make the best decision for your practice.

ABELDent Patient Dashboard

ABELDent Local+ is an On-Premiss platform with all the benefits of modern dental software. ABELDent Local+ is ideal for practices with up-to-date hardware, without access to reliable high-speed Internet or that prefer local software for any reason.

ABELDent Cloud securely stores your data on the Microsoft Azure cloud and allows you to run the software from any computer connected to the Internet. ABELDent Cloud eliminates the costs associated with a local data server.

Whichever option you choose, your upgrade includes a cleansing of your current ABELDent data. Change platforms as your needs change with no learning curve. Practices with multiple locations can use both platforms

Not convinced? Try ABELDent Freemium!

ABELDent Freemium is a free, full featured version of ABELDent Local+, constrained only by the memory and data limitations of Microsoft SQL Express. ABELDent Freemium provides unmatched value, especially because of its potential to grow your practice through competitively priced, seamlessly integrated, six premium options.

Our practice implemented ABELDent Cloud Solution (CS) in December 2018. We experienced a smooth launch and appreciate the fact that training was customized to meet our specific needs. As first-time users, we find the program easy to navigate and when we do have a question the built-in Help often provides a quick answer. Colleagues told us that going with ABELDent was a good choice – now we understand why.