ABELDent Mobile

As an ABELDent user, you can maintain your busy, productive,
on-the-go lifestyle with 24/7 access to your practice information.

You can count on ABELDent Mobile

When you need it, your valuable information is as close as your smartphone or tablet.

ABELDent Mobile
ABELDent Mobile

ABELDent Mobile lets you:

  • View your scheduled appointments
  • Review planned treatment for patients
  • Consult your notes and flags from patient records
  • Access patient information and contact them by phone, email or text
  • Contact dentists, that you refer to, and that refer patients to you

ABELDent Mobile uses the same platform developed for ABELDent Portal to keep your data safe and secure. No information is ever stored on your phone or tablet, so your practice data is protected even if your device is lost or stolen.

ABELDent Mobile is a browser-based application that runs on any web browser-enabled computer, tablet or smartphone. This includes devices that use the most popular platforms such as Android, iOS (Apple), Blackberry and Windows Mobile.

I receive great advice and help over the telephone when I call.

Sherri from Dr. Aron Burke's office in Brockville, ON

ABELDent users can visit MyABEL, your free online resource, for more information.

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