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ABELDent Pay – Payment Card Processing

Reduce manual entry and errors, save time and make financial transactions
such as bank deposit reconciliations more efficient.

ABELDent Pay automatically enters your patients’ credit/debit card payment transaction information directly into the Point of Sale (POS) payment terminal so that you don’t have to!

How Does It Work?

Enter Information

ABELDent user enters payment information including the card type (Visa, MasterCard, Debit etc.) that will be used by the patient on the payment screen.

Card Identification

ABELDent Pay identifies the payment type (debit or credit) and amount from the information you enter in your ABELDent program and sends it to the POS terminal.

Card Payment

The patient or the ABELDent user taps/inserts the payment card into the POS terminal.

Transaction Approval

Once the transaction is approved, it appears in the Patient Ledger and the approval number is printed on the Patient Receipt.
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Enjoy these Additional Benefits

Eliminates POS Terminal Entry Errors

Prevents transcription mistakes since payment information is uploaded from the ABELDent ledger

Time Savings

ABELDent Pay eliminates the need for double entry.

Bank Deposits

Easier day end/month end bank deposit reconciliation.

Payment Compliance

Keeps you up-to-date with Payment Compliance Industry standards.

Rate Savings

Potential rate savings for ABELDent users.

Special Offer

Receive up to 3 free terminals from nuvei depending on your practice’s processing volume.

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