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ABELDent Guard – Cybersecurity Service

Ensure only authorized programs run on your computers.

Powered by AppGuard, a cutting-edge prevention-based cybersecurity suite, ABELDent Guard supplements anti-virus software and is configured by ABELDent specifically for dental practices. ABELDent Guard blocks all abnormal processes that allow viruses and malware to take over and prevents new viruses from harming your system until your anti-virus software is updated to eliminate them.

How is ABELDent Guard Different from Virus Protection?

Like a regular dental hygiene program that prevents infection, ABELDent Guard stops you from getting attacked in the first place by only allowing approved functions within applications.

It also blocks suspicious or abnormal processes. Unlike simple virus protection, with ABELDent Guard, even infected documents or webpages can be viewed in safety.

ABELDent Guard Includes:

Powerful Cybersecurity

Unlimited Scale: Hardware and platform independent – works with any size system

Reduces Cyber Costs: Eliminates time consuming monitoring, updates and software patches

Lightweight: Minimal storage and memory required – no system speed degradation

Set & Forget: Constantly adapts to changing conditions for real time protection

Stops Advanced Threats: Defeats new emerging malware that other approaches cannot stop

Easy Administration: Does not require user interaction once installed and works completely autonomously

Protection Against

Viruses: Malicious software code that replicates and infects other programs or files

Ransomware: Software designed to block access to a computer system until a ransom is paid

Malware: Software designed to gain unauthorized access to a computer system

Weaponized Documents: Document-based malware

Botnets: A network of compromised computers that are used to commit cybercrimes

Phishing: Fraudulent attempts to obtain information, usually through emails

Future Unknown Threats

The end result?

No flashy warnings, no alert triage. No endless lists of virus identities. It just simply works…always. You can now relax and actually sleep at night.

Get Maximum Protection For Your Practice

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