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What's Different in Cloud Based Dental Software?

  • Practice data resides on cloud-based servers – no server to purchase or maintain
  • Microsoft Azure cloud services are leveraged to provide the highest level of protection, security and reliability available
  • Automated backups are securely stored on cloud servers
  • Installation and update downloads are automated

Benefits of Using a Cloud Dental Software

Save Time

Save Time and Worry Less

No need to plan for backups or be stressed about cyber-attacks. Your data is automatically protected, encrypted and backed up

Cloud Software

Save IT Expenses and Reduced Downtime

With the help of highly robust and secure Microsoft servers in the cloud you can significantly reduce downtime allowing to continue doing your day to day work


Take Advantage of Premium Services

ABELDent Cloud includes remote backup services and automated patient communication

Optimized System Configuration

Best of Both Worlds

ABELDent Cloud and your other essential applications run locally yet your practice data is fully protected in the cloud