Easy On-Line Dental Appointment Scheduling Software

scheduling software for your dental practice

Here's how on-line scheduling improves your practice and patient retention

on-line dental appointment requests via Portal

For Your Patients

ABELDent Portal offers a hassle-free way for your patients to manage upcoming dental appointments online and do much more. Here are the benefits:

  • Confirm scheduled appointments by responding to email and text reminders
  • Request new appointments for emergency care or regular check-ups
  • Synch appointment e-cards with their e-calendar
  • Book appointments for unscheduled treatment
  • Recommend your practice to their friends and refer friends to your practice

For Your Practice

ABELDent Portal makes it easy for your team to save time and money:

  • Provide online account statements and receipts
  • Automate your appointment-related email and SMS messages based on a schedule
  • Track the status of Portal emails that you send, equipping you to make informed decisions about follow up for specific patients
  • Offer electronic forms for secure pre-submission of health history
  • Send post-visit surveys and store results in the patients' charts for quick reference
  • Link a New Patient Registration form to your practice website

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ABELDent Portal for easy on-line dental appointment scheduling

View this short video to see how ABELDent Portal can boost your practice.

Save time and build revenue while providing superior service!

Any patient with a web browser on their computer, smartphone or tablet has 7/24/365 convenience to communicate with your office through your Portal.

Just wanting everyone there to know how happy our patients are with the PORTAL reminders... we are now considered a cool dental office!

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