Cloud Based Dental Software for Your Practice

cloud based dental management software

Mainstream adoption of cloud-based software
brings a new era of choice for Dental practitioners.

ABELDent Local Server

Some practices appreciate the control afforded by a local server.

They are more comfortable with the privacy and security of their data, and have greater trust in the speed and reliability of their internet connection. When technical issues do occur, they are confident that their in-house or outsourced IT experts are empowered to minimize downtime.

There are equal advantages to choosing a cloud-based solution.

Data stored in the cloud is typically accessible from anywhere, at any time and on any device. That means that team collaboration and project management is facilitated with synchronized documents retrieved from any location. Team members working from a variety of offices or even travelling can better manage cooperative patient care.

ABELDent Cloud Solutions

ABEL relies on Microsoft Azure where powerful servers and
high-speed connectivity to our Microsoft Azure SQL database result in fast data access and processing.

ABELDent Cloud Solutions

Cloud solutions can be extremely cost effective.

Not only is the upfront cash outlay much less in adopting a cloud-based solution, the expense over time can be dramatically reduced.

I have worked in the dental field many years and ABELDent is by far the best dental package out there. I promote it to everyone I can.

Valerie from Scotia Dental Associates in Halifax, NS

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