Unlock your million $$$ filing cabinet

Treatment Manager

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Unlock your million $$$ filing cabinet

Your patients recognize the wisdom of your dental health recommendations, yet many will not take the initiative to follow through on them. As a result, recommended but unscheduled treatment can end up lost in your charts.

So activate the unrealized value of that treatment!

Use ABELDent’s Treatment Manager to plan and present preventative and remedial care options for your patients, with the help of information-rich on-screen display. Increase case acceptance and, with well timed automated and manual follow-up, pursue treatment recommendations that are in the best interest of your patients.

Treatment Manager supports simultaneous users comparing different criteria, offers insightful information to assist follow-up and integrates with ABELDent Portal to support targeted email and SMS communication. Easily monitor all outstanding treatment to ensure the greatest possible outcomes and most timely resolution.

High performance from the bottom line up

ABELDent uses powerful and flexible financial tracking that far surpasses the industry standard. Patients have fewer questions and pay more promptly when they can view their financial obligation on a per-procedure basis.

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